Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for Rebecca Stroud Estes

Lenoir County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is a 94.3 acre natural loblolly pine and hardwood stand to be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. The timber is located 7.3 miles south of Kinston and 5.4 miles north of Deep Run in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Access will be directly from Albrittons Road on a permanent farm path leading to the woods. Look for the pink flagging and/or timber sale signs along the road. 

Within the harvest area, pine sawtimber averages 3,016 board feet per acre and 165.7 boardfeet per tree. Pine Chip-N-Saw on the property totals over 839 tons or almost 8.89 tons per acre. Hardwood sawtimber comprises 51% of the total tract volume and includes Yellow Poplar, Sweetgum, Red Oak and White Oak, averaging 2,040 board feet per acre. Pine fiber will contribute an additional 9.92 tons per acre, including topwood.

 A substantial streamside management zone has been marked on either side of the multi-channeled creek and may be selectively harvested providing it is done in strict accordance with the Neuse River rules and Forestry Best Management Practices.