Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for William E. Clark

Cumberland County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is an old growth stand of quality longleaf pine, much of which is pole quality, with a scattering of loblolly pine. The sale area totals 82.7 acres. The entire sale area is to be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. A single stream-side management zone has been marked on the ground, but no timber is to be removed from within the SMZ. A small portion of the sale area suffered extensive damage from a fire, but is included in the sale to prepare for reforestation.

Within the sale area, including the burned area, longleaf pine sawtimber averages 4,717.3 board feet per acre and 162.6 board feet per tree. Loblolly pine sawtimber will add an additional 430 board feet per acre. Pine chip-N-saw, predominately longleaf, will add an additional 5.6 tons per acre and pine fiber, including top wood, will add an additional 9.5 tons per acre. There is an insignificant amount of hardwood within the sale area, mostly scattered fiber.

There are several common sandhills drains within the harvesting area. The drains are not delineated on the ground, but are blatantly obvious by the change in ground vegetation. While timber may be harvested from within drains, it must be done in a manner that does not rut or damage the soil. If assistance is required to identify the drains, please let me know.

No timber is to be harvested from within the streamside management zone.