Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for Travis Scott Wester

Harnett County, North Carolina


Offered for sale are 33.9 acres of planted loblolly pine, containing two age classes of which the older dominates the sale area. The entire sale area is to clear-cut of all merchantable timber. There are NO stream-side management zones within the timber sale area.  

Within the timber sale area, pine sawtimber averages 11,576 board feet per acre and 163 boardfeet per tree. Chip-N-Saw will add an additional 22.5 tons per acre and pine fiber, including topwood, will add 20 tons per acre.

There is very little hardwood on this property, the majority of which is fiber.  

There are NO streamside management zones on this property. However, drainage ditches will need to be kept clean.