Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for James Thurman Davis & Margaret Painter Davis Revocable Trust

Johnston County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is a first thinning of a 19.54 acre CRP loblolly pine plantation.

This plantation was planted on heavily fertilized fields at a fairly close spacing and maintained a survival of greater than 90%. As a result, basal area is now ranging from 240 – 260 with diameters ranging from 5 to 12 inches. As a result, the first thinning will remove only a portion of the trees needing to be removed and will be followed by a second thinning in 3-5 years after the residual trees have had time to strengthen. The CRP portion of the selective harvest will remove every 3rd row. The residual rows will be thinned from below as directed or marked, removing only a few of the lesser valued trees. 

Interested buyers should submit unit prices and a tentative start date. Rawlings Consulting Forestry reserves the right to reject any and all offers and may require on-site inspections of previously thinned stands.