Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for Ann H. & Gerald G. Akland

Wake County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is an old growth stand of quality pine and mixed hardwood with a small area of old field pine for a total of 30.34 acres. The majority of this timber, totaling 26.11 acres, will be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. The stream-side management zone will add an additional 4.24 acres. Within the SMZ’s only the trees marked with an Orange “O” will be selectively harvested. 

Within the primary harvest clear-cut area (Stand 1), pine sawtimber averages 9,584 board feet per acre and 416 boardfeet per tree. Hardwood sawtimber including poplar, red oak, sweetgum and white oak will total an additional 4,568 board feet per acre. There is only a small amount of pine Chip-N-Saw on the property totaling 86 tons, pine fiber, totaling 236 tons and hardwood fiber totaling 303 tons; all excluding topwood.

The streamside management zones (Stand 4) will be selectively harvested. Within this area, only the trees marked with an Orange “O” are to be harvested.