Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for Eleanor Hair Weaver

Cumberland County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is a twice thinned 35 year old stand of pine timber. The total sale area of 35.8 acres will be clear-cut of all merchantable timber.

Within the timber sale area, pine sawtimber averages over 5,882 board feet per acre and 158 board feet per tree. Pine Chip-N-Saw will average 22.2 tons per acre, and pine fiber will contribute and additional 26.4 tons per acre. Hardwood was not inventoried.

Stand 1 lies adjacent to Johnson Road and may be accessed from the road. Stand 2 lies behind and across the canal from Stand 1. Stand two will be accessed via a farm path from the front gate of the farm, located on Johnson Road, 1.7 miles from Tabor Church Road. A combination lock with a code of 1226 has been placed on the gate. Please leave the gate as you found it unless you believe you are the last one out in the evening then close and lock it.

The canals are considered blue line streams and the top of the canal spoil pile will serve as the SMZ line. Trees may be harvested from the outside slope of the spoil pile, but may not be harvested from either the top of the spoil pile or the inside slopes of the spoil pile.