Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC

Timber Sale for Patricia T. Brame

Vance County, North Carolina


Offered for sale is an excellent stand of pine timber, a large portion of which is well drained and loggable at this time. The total sale area exceeds 215 acres of which 183.37 acres will be clear-cut of all merchantable timber and 32.15 acres, located within stream side management zones, will be selectively harvested.

Within the 183.37 acre clear-cut portion of the timber sale area, pine sawtimber averages 6,285 board feet per acre, pine chip and saw averages 27.5 tons per acre, and pine fiber averages 21.5 tons per acre. Hardwood sawtimber contributes an additional 288 boardfeet per acre. Additionally, a stream-side management zone, totaling 32.15 acres, will be selectively harvested of the marked trees. (Orange “O”)

The logging access is via the farm path from Steinback Jones Road as indicated on the timber sale map.

Stream side management zones have been marked on the ground and indicated on the map. Only the timber marked with a large orange “O” is to be harvested from within the stream side management zones. Best Management Practices and applicable River Rules must be followed at all times.