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Timber Sale for Amy Christine Swain — Sold!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 11:00 am
Beaufort County, NC

Offered for sale is a quality natural stand of mixed pine and hardwood totaling 112.16 acres. A streamside management zone has been marked on this property along the bottom of the spoil pile adjacent to the Pungo Drainage Canal and a short tributary leading into the Canal. No timber will be harvested from within the SMZ.

Within the harvest area, loblolly pine sawtimber averages 7,298 board feet per acre and 347 boardfeet per tree. These pines are slow growing, high quality. Over 61% are greater than 18 inches DBH and over 28% are greater than 22 inches DBH. Hardwood sawtimber including red oak, maple, blackgum, sweetgum, white oak and poplar will contribute an additional 3,979 board feet per acre. A scattering of cypress will average 335 board feet per acre. There is only a small amount of pine Chip-N-Saw, fiber within the stand but an abundance of hardwood fiber.

Access for logging will be from Boyd Road, one mile north of Hwy 264 and through the property of D S Swain Gas Company. At that location there is an old farm path leading toward the Swain property, stopping 75-100 feet shy of the property line. Prior to logging, the path will need to be extended through young natural pine and into the Swain property.