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Timber Sale for Dickson Sloan, LLC — Sold!

Summer of 2016
Sampson County, NC

Offered for sale is a first thinning of a 113.4 acre longleaf pine plantation.

This selective harvest will remove every 3rd row. The residual rows will be thinned from below, removing the smaller trees, to a target basal area of 70 square feet. If rows can not be located, use a simulated 3rd row thinning by harvesting parallel thinning corridors approximately 10 feet in width on approximate 30 foot centers. Remaining trees thinned from below to a target basal area of 70. Within the stand, do not thin areas dominated by hardwood.

Interested buyers should submit unit prices and a tentative start date. Rawlings Consulting Forestry reserves the right to reject any and all offers and may require on-site inspections of previously thinned stands.