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Timber Sale for General Utilities, Inc — Sold!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015 11:00 am
Harnett County, NC

Offered for sale is 44.63 acres of excellent quality mature pine timber. With the exception of the stream-side management zone, the entire sale area will be clear-cut of all merchantable timber.

Within the timber sale area, pine sawtimber averages 11,682.7 board feet per acre with an average of 191.5 board feet per tree. Additionally, pine Chip-N-Saw averages 5.49 tons per acre, and pine fiber averages 1.7 tons per acre. Hardwood, poplar, red oak, white oak and sweetgum add an additional 267.6 board feet per acre.

The logging access for the primary harvesting area will be via the existing farm path from Highway 27. The smaller block in the northeast may be accessed directly from Highway 27 using the existing access to the field. A small portion of the field may be used for logging if prior arrangements are made and, two old loading decks included in the primary sale area may be used.

There are stream-side management zones (SMZ) along the southern end of the sale area, adjacent to the Little River and a small creek and also through Stand 2 in the northeast corner. Only the SMZ in the northeast corner of the harvesting area will need to be crossed. No timber will be harvest from within the SMZ.