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Timber Sale for Phillip E. Parrish — Sold!

Thursday, October 25, 2012 11:00 am
Johnston County, NC

Offered for sale by the consulting forester is a stand of timber totaling 5.14 acres to be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. Within the timber sale area, red oak sawtimber averages 362 board feet per acre, white oak sawtimber averages 118, yellow poplar averages 1,422 board feet per acre, and other hardwoods contribute an additional 1,571 board feet per acre. A stream-side management zone, totaling 1.7 acres, will be selectively harvested of the marked trees. (Orange “O”)

Stream side management zones have been marked on the ground and indicated on the map. Only the timber marked with a large orange “O” is to be harvested from within the stream side management zones. Best Management Practices and applicable River Rules must be followed at all times.