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Timber Sale for Ruth Moore Glass — Sold!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 11:00 am
Rockingham County, NC

Offered for sale by the consulting forester is a stand of mature timber totaling 64.56 acres which is to be clear-cut / clean-cut of all merchantable timber.

Within the sale area, pine sawtimber, a mixture of virginia and loblolly, averages 989 board feet per acre and 120 board feet per tree, with pine chip & saw contributing an additional 6.7 tons per acre. Hardwood sawtimber includes yellow poplar with 2,022 board feet per acre, red oak with 782 board feet per acre, hickory with 530 board feet per acre and white oak with 335 board feet per acre. All hardwood sawtimber contributes a total of 4,326 board feet per acre. Additionally, pine fiber will contribute 11 tons per acre while hardwood fiber will contribute 12 tons per acre.

A stream-side management zone adjacent to the Haw River has been marked on the ground as indicated on the map. No trees will be removed from within the stream side management zone.

The access to the property is via the deeded easement and farm path from the end of the public portion of Obryant Road. At the end of Obryant road where it becomes a private dirt road, the easement goes straight off the end of the public road on what looks like a private drive-way. The path will go in front of a two story house with covered porch, behind the second house, then adjacent to a pasture before entering the property. Timber sale signs will point the way.