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Timber Sale for Curtis Eugene Hinton & James Doyt Hinton, Jr. — Sold!

Thursday, December 29, 2011 11:00 am
Johnston County, NC

Offered for sale by the consulting forester are two blocks of timber totaling 30.3 acres. The majority of this timber, totaling 26.6 acres, will be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. Additionally, stream-side management zones, totaling 1.9 acres, will be selectively harvested of the marked trees and a longleaf area, 1.8 acres, will be selectively harvested to protect the longleaf.

Within the clear-cut portion of the sale area, pine sawtimber averages 3,028 board feet per acre and 231 board feet per tree with pine chip & saw contributing an additional 2.4 tons per acre and pine fiber providing 6.75 tons per acre. Hardwood sawtimber totals 2,368 board feet per acre with hardwood fiber providing 12.7 tons per acre.