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Timber Sale for Syliva R. Underhill, John C. Robertson & SJR Development

Summer of 2012
Wake County, NC

Offered for sale by the consulting forester is a first thinning on 18.4 acres of natural pine and a clear-cut on 1.2 acres of natural pine. This sale is a combination of three ownerships.

On tract 1 and 2, parallel thinning corridors approximately 10 feet in width will be harvested on approximate 50 foot centers with the remaining trees thinned from below to a target basal area of 80. All hardwood fiber within the sale area is to be harvested. The larger trees, pine and hardwoods, around the perimeter and adjacent to the pond and drainages are not to be harvested or damaged.

Tract 3, the future extension of Marwick Court, is a combination of clear-cut and thinning. The center portion or future road right-of-way will be clear-cut of all standing timber. After the trees on the ROW have been harvested, an additional 50 foot strip of trees will be thinned from below to a BA of 80. The outside edge of the thinning area has been marked with blue flagging. SJR Development accepts responsibility for any and all road damage resulting from logging trucks.

This is NOT all weather logging and work will not be permitted on wet soil. Interested buyers should submit unit prices and a tentative start date. Rawlings Consulting Forestry reserves the right to reject any and all offers and may require on-site inspections of previously thinned stands.