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Timber Sale for Hattie Sue Paylor Estate, et al. — Sold!

Fall of 2010
Person County, NC

This timber was not sold at the sealed bid sale on July 15! At that time, the minimum acceptable bid has not received and all bids were rejected. Rawlings Consulting Forestry will continue to accept bids until a satisfactory offer is received or until the timber is rebid in the fall of 2010 or the winter of 2011. After the new bid date has been set this fall or winter, the normal bidding process will resume and all bids must be received as customary sealed bids as of the new date of sale. If you wish to have this all weather tract this winter when it gets wet, act now.

Offered for sale are two areas of timber totaling 70.413 acres.

The primary timber sale area, containing 63.421 acres is to be clear-cut of all merchantable timber. Pine sawtimber, a mixture of loblolly, shortleaf and virginia averages 1,814 board feet per acre and 153 board feet per tree, with pine chip & saw contributing an additional 18.5 tons per acre. Hardwood sawtimber includes yellow poplar with 2,350 board feet per acre, red oak with 972 board feet per acre, and white oak with 186 board feet per acre. All hardwood sawtimber contributes a total of 4,136 board feet per acre. Additionally, pine fiber will contribute 21 tons per acre while hardwood fiber will contribute 15 tons per acre.

A secondary sale area totaling 6.992 acres and comprised primarily of pre-commercial sized old-field pine and hardwood is available to loggers utilizing whole-tree chippers. Loggers utilizing a whole-tree chipper on site may harvest all trees from within the secondary sale area. Loggers without a whole-tree chipper are prohibited from entering the secondary sale area with equipment or harvesting trees from within this area.