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Timber Sale for Andrews Road Company — Sold!

Winter of 2008
Cumberland County, NC

Offered for sale by the consulting forester is a selective timber harvest on 106.1 acres of mature pine timber. This harvest will remove 100% of the pole and piling quality timber. The remaining timber will be marked by Rawlings Consulting Forestry with "leave" trees, not to be sold, harvested or damaged. The "leave" trees will consist of a uniform selection of varying diameters, primarily pine, to provide the appearance of a natural stand with a residual basal area of 40 to 50 square feet. Known RCW cavity trees within the sale area will not be harvested or purposefully damaged. Only that area as indicated on attached map dated February 14, 2008 as prepared by Rawlings Consulting Forestry is to be a part of this timber sale. All "leave" trees and timber not located within the sale area as indicated on the map are to remain the property of Andrews Road Company and are not to be harvested, cut or damaged. Hardwood will be harvested only to facilitate access and the harvesting of pine. Rawlings Consulting Forestry reserves the right to reject any and all offers and may require on-site inspections of previously thinned stands.