Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC: Serving forest landowners in North Carolina since 1983
Brad Rawlings, the consulting forester, measures the diameter of a loblolly pine with his diameter tape. The tree is about 17 inches across.

Services We Offer

Forest Management

Professional forest land management is tailored to the unique needs of the individual landowner.

Timber Sales

Each timber sale is a customized package of services uniquely designed to meet the goals, objectives, and desires of the landowner while striving to obtain the maximum sale price for his or her timber.

Pulpwood Thinning

A pulpwood thinning may be the most important forest management tool available for sustaining a vigorous crop tree growth rate and thus, providing a higher return on your investment, protection from many forest insects, and improved wildlife habitat.

Forest Management Plans

Each forest management plan, either basic or comprehensive in nature, is tailored to the objectives, goals and needs of the landowner. While the production of forest products remains the foremost consideration for most landowners, the recreational benefits of land ownership are becoming increasingly important.

Forest Inventory

A forest inventory is the measurement and tally of forest products such as timber, pine straw, and lighter stumps.

Timber Appraisal

A timber appraisal assigns current market prices to a forest inventory. Market prices from recently closed timber sales are utilized for this purpose, as well as first hand knowledge of other timber sales conducted and attended by professional consulting foresters.


Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, provides professional administration and supervision of reforestation projects. After a review of the area to be planted to assess soils, drainage, and vegetative competition, we offer consultation regarding choices in site preparation, seedling species, and planting density.

Boundary Line Maintenance

Boundary line maintenance involves the relocation and marking of existing property lines in a forested environment. Utilizing physical evidence such as survey monuments, irons, and witness trees, property lines are marked using survey flagging or paint.

Pine Straw Production

The production of longleaf pine straw has become a recognized income source for the fortunate landowners growing longleaf pines. Properly managed, longleaf pine straw can provide scheduled income while trees are growing and increasing in value.


Phytoremediation is an emerging technology that is a cost-effective and proven strategy for the clean-up and removal of many organic contaminants from both the soil and groundwater.

Endangered Species

As of July 2005, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service lists 36 animals and 27 plants as either threatened or endangered in North Carolina. Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, has been privileged to assist numerous forest landowners with an endangered or threatened species located on their own forestland or residing on neighboring properties.