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Get a Free Review of Your Timberland from Rawlings Consulting Forestry

Providing a no obligation, totally free review of your timberland and an initial consultation with a consulting forester has been our policy since 1983. It is guaranteed to be 100% totally free for North Carolina forest landowners within our normal service area. The visit will provide you, the forest landowner, and the consulting forester a valuable opportunity to learn more about each other and there will be no obligation to retain our professional services. It is the ideal time for you to ask questions of a professional consulting forester and for the forester to provide information regarding the best forestry services to enhance your timberland or the marketing of your trees for the guaranteed highest possible price. At absolutely no charge, the consulting forester will provide general forest management recommendations, examine the growth rate of your trees, look for signs of damaging forest insects, examine the general health of your trees and allow you the opportunity to ask questions of the professional consulting forester.

If your trees are reaching maturity or of an exceptionally high value, you have undoubtedly been approached by timber buyers, loggers or sawmills, all wanting to buy your trees, each claiming the trees have a different value and many with a story describing the imminent mortality of your trees. At Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, we do not buy trees! We have never worked for nor received payment from any forest industry, logger or timber buyer. We are professional consulting foresters working entirely for you, the private forest landowner, to ensure you receive the absolute, guaranteed highest possible price for your timber.

Arrangements can be made to meet in the evenings, on the weekends, or almost any time your schedule allows. If you are an absentee landowner, are unable to navigate the terrain, or simply do not wish to walk in the woods, we will be happy to review your timberland and then speak with you afterwards.

For more information or to schedule your no obligation, totally free initial consultation and visit with a professional consulting forester, please call 1-800-457-1121 or use the express online request form below.

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