Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC: Serving forest landowners in North Carolina since 1983
Young longleaf pine
This stand of young longleaf pine in Cumberland County was about three years old in 2005.


Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, provides professional administration and supervision of reforestation projects. After a review of the area to be planted to assess soils, drainage, and vegetative competition, consultation is offered regarding choices in site preparation, seedling species and planting density. If applicable, a reforestation plan accompanied by a cost share funding application will be made to the appropriate agency. Site preparation contractors will be interviewed, retained, and supervised to ensure quality work in a timely manner. Tree planters will be retained and supervised to ensure tree planting is done in accordance with professional industry standards for survival and promotion of growth.

Reforestation Assistance may include

Reforestation Assistance may be beneficial for