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Forestry Organizations in North Carolina

With a constant threat of increased regulation, developmental pressure and rising taxes, the private ownership of North Carolina forest land is endangered. Please support those organizations that strive to protect your right to be responsible stewards of the forest ecosystem while protecting the environment and enhancing the productivity of North Carolina’s forest.


NCWoodlands is an independent grassroots not-for-profit organization that provides its members with a voice on national, state, and local issues affecting North Carolina’s private woodlands. Its mission is to advance the interests of North Carolina’s woodland owners and to encourage responsible stewardship of their property.

Open to all, with a special emphasis on private landowners
Landowner dues starting at $15
Stephen A. Whitfield
(919) 787-1220

Membership application [PDF, 87KB]

North Carolina Forestry Association

The NCFA is the state’s oldest conservation organization, established in 1911. Today it is a private, nonprofit partnership of more than 4,000 forest managers, landowners, mill operators, loggers, furniture manufacturers, educators and others concerned about the long-term health and productivity of the state's forest resources and the industries they support.

Forest industry and private landowners
Landowner dues starting at $40
Pryor Gibson
(919) 231-7723

Join the NCFA [PDF, 699KB]