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Jake's Portrait
Jake poses for his company portrait.


As Rawlings Consulting Forestry's Small Game Inventory Specialist, Jake excels at locating and identifying a variety of avian, mammalian, and reptilian species, including Colinus virginianus, Zenaida macroura, Sciurus carolinensis, and Terrapene carolina carolina. Although Jake takes office security very seriously, he is a friendly guy and is always glad to meet new people. We invite you to meet Jake through the photo albums below and get to know the pup that everyone at Rawlings Consulting Forestry loves.

Jake pointing

Jake the Puppy

At the age of 8 weeks, Jake is just beginning to explore his world. Everything is new! There is grass that needs to be rolled in, pine cones that need to be sniffed, and cats that — wait… what is a little puppy to do with a cat that’s bigger than him? View the album.

Jake chewing on a stick

Jake Gets Bigger

Jake is now 10 weeks old, and he is busy learning new tricks, like how to “sit”, “stay”, and “come”, and how to use the doggie door on his doghouse. His most important discovery, though, is one that will soon become a lifelong passion: Chewing sticks! View the album.

Cat says NO!

Jake Learns About Cats

Jake loves his kitty friends. Unfortunately, they don’t always love him! View the album.

Jake lays down and holds his frisbee

Playing with Jake

Jake loves to play games. Throwing a ball, fetching sticks, catching the frisbee… you name it, he’ll play it! View the album.

Jake in the back of the company truck

Jake Plays Frisbee

One of Jake’s most favorite games is playing frisbee. One of his humans flings the bright, blue disc into the air, and Jake runs after it. He leaps off the ground, flips, twists, and catches the rubbery frisbee in his teeth. Then Jake carries the frisbee back to his human to start the process all over again. Doesn’t it sound like fun? View the album.

Jake trots towards Marie

Jake Goes to the Mountains

Jake loves to explore new places, so this visit to the mountains with his family is a real treat. He gets to go hiking on the old carriage trails at Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, and loves every minute of it — especially when he gets let off his leash! View the album.