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Do I Need a Forester?

Do you need a consulting forester? If you own forestland, absolutely so! A consulting forester can help you grow your trees bigger, faster, and better. But don't take our word for it… see what the experts have to say:

A study by Dr. Fred Cubbage while at the University of Georgia indicated that professional help can be valuable. Landowners who received professional forestry assistance before harvesting timber averaged 23 percent more income per acre, received a price per board foot that was 64 percent higher, and had a projected income stream from future sales 120 percent higher as a result of improved regeneration and stocking.

Before You Sell Your Timber
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

It is risky to sell timber without having a good idea of its value and the current market conditions. Do what the pros do — sell your timber using a registered forester! Selling timber is like trading stocks and bonds. Seek sound professional advice and assistance to know when and how to sell.

You would never sell bonds before they mature or sell stocks when the market is down. In the same way, selling timber requires an understanding of the markets and of the quality and quantities of your timber. Professional foresters have a proven record of generating greater returns for your present and future forest.

Selling Your Timber? Don't Make an Uninformed Decision!
North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Forestland owners can benefit greatly by using professional forestry assistance.

Call Before You Cut
North Carolina Forest Service

More than 60 percent of North Carolina is forested, but much of this valuable resource is not actively managed. Properly managed forests can generate extra money from the sale of timber products; improve wildlife habitat, aesthetics, recreation, and water quality; and increase land value. By seeking the assistance of a professional forester, you can maximize the return on your forestlands.

First… See a Forester
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Professional forestry assistance in planning timber harvests, site preparation, and other site-disturbing forestry activities is even more important now than in the past.

Maintaining the Forestry Exemption Under the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act
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A landowner’s first step towards success is to contact a professional forester. Academically trained in the management of forests, a professional registered forester provides guidance that ensures that the forest is managed for the desired objectives and goals of the landowner and provides a safeguard against improper practices.

A Landowner’s Guide to Forestry in South Carolina
SC Sustainable Forestry Initiative