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Red wolf
An endangered red wolf (Canis rufus) roams the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge during the spring of 2008. Photo by John and Karen Hollingsworth, US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Endangered Species

Red Cockaded Woodpecker
Red-cockaded woodpecker
Photo by Jim Hanula, US Forest Service

As of July 2005, the United States Fish & Wildlife Service lists 36 animals and 27 plants as either threatened or endangered in North Carolina. The majority of these, such as the Humpback Whale, American Alligator, and Piping Plover, have little, if any effect, on forest landowners. Others, such as the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, the Dwarf Wedgemussel, and the Bald Eagle can and do affect forest landowners in North Carolina. Depending entirely on the long-term goals and forest management objectives of the landowner, the presence of a threatened or endangered species can be viewed as either an enhancement to the forest or a catastrophe if clear-cutting was part of the forest management plan.

Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, has been privileged to assist numerous forest landowners with an endangered or threatened species located on their own forestland or residing on neighboring properties. As mandated by the Endangered Species Act and our societal obligations as stewards of the ecosystem, Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC, utilizes federally approved, species specific, recovery guidelines and procedures to assist landowners in obtaining their forest management goals.