Rawlings Consulting Forestry, PLLC: Serving forest landowners in North Carolina since 1983
A portrait of Bradley J. Rawlings
A portrait of Brad Rawlings standing in his beautifully-landscaped home garden.

Bradley J. Rawlings, RF ACF CF





Owner, 1983-Present
Rawlings Consulting Forestry
Wendell, North Carolina
Formerly, Bradley J. Rawlings & Associates

Provide professional forestry consulting services to the general public. Services include forest management plans, timber inventories, timber appraisals and timber sales. Recommend and facilitate timber stand improvements including insect and disease control, prescribed burning, site preparation, tree planting and wildlife habitat improvements. Specializations include evolving forest management plans, specialized timber sales, Longleaf pine ecosystem restoration, Red-cockaded Woodpecker habitat enhancements, Longleaf pine straw production, GIS and GPS mapping.



2004-2005 :: Privately Owned Timber Sale

A sale of 21.5 acres of quality timber in North Carolina. An unsolicited offer to purchase timber for $18,000 and the advice from friends and neighbors to obtain professional assistance was the catalyst for this timber sale. A sealed bid timber sale resulted in a high bid of $55,905, an amount 310% higher than the original offer.

2004 :: City of Fayetteville

The sale of 212.5 acres of timber and the supervision of all harvesting activities within the security perimeter of a metropolitan airport in North Carolina. The harvesting of this timber was conducted to ensure compliance with revised FAA approach standards and need for increased visibility within the security perimeter of the airport.

1999-2005 :: Major Municipality

Establishment, growth and monitoring of final succession, mast producing hardwood plantations in old fields within conversation easements to protect water quality and the Federally endangered Dwarf Wedge Mussel.

1998-99 :: City of Wilson

Mapped land use, vegetation type, beaver impoundments, lodges and dams on 3,783 acres, with 145 miles of perimeter, owned or controlled by the City of Wilson. This project was done in conjunction with the expansion of the City's Buckhorn Reservoir and included all acquisition land below the 159 foot elevation and the acquired conservation easements along the major creeks feeding the reservoir. The majority of this land had no physical land survey and the remainder of the land had been traversed 15 years prior. All map data, including property lines, easement lines, wetland lines, mussel corridors, proposed lake, etc., were received in digital format. The digital data was imported into ArcView GIS for mapping and exported to Trimble GPS for real-time navigation and data collection. GPS data was differentially corrected and exported to ArcView for manipulation and preparation of the final maps. All maps were provided to the City of Wilson in digital DXF format for importation into AutoCAD software. A total of 21.5 MB of maps were produced.

1997-98 :: Privately owned timber sale

A sale of 54 acres of old growth pine timber in North Carolina. Because of potential bidders' concern over the soundness of the old growth timber, a bid by the unit sale was initiated. The sale resulted in thirteen bidders with a total harvested sales price exceeding $264,000.

1996-97 :: Privately owned Limited Partnership

An evolving Forest Management plan covering 4,360 acres on 43 management units in multiple North Carolina counties. The management plan encompasses timber sales, reforestation, pine straw production and stand improvements through the year 2036 with a chart of projected incomes and expenses by activity, tract and year.

1996 :: Privately owned timber sale

The sale of 51 acres of old growth timber in North Carolina. At the initial bid opening, all bids received were below the minimum bid and rejected. Unit prices were negotiated with the highest bidder and a sale by the unit was contracted. Total harvested sales price exceeded $206,000 and exceeded the highest bid price by $38,298.

1993-95 :: Privately owned Estate

Inventory, appraisal and GIS mapping of timber located in multiple North Carolina counties. The inventory and appraisal encompassed 2,860 acres with a combined timber value in excess of 2.4 million dollars. GIS mapping included an additional 1,500 acres. This Estate was primary or shared habitat for 21 clusters of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, a federally endangered species. The Estate was the first in the Nation to be valued with the encroachment of a Federally Endangered Species.

1992-93 :: Privately owned Estate

Compiled recorded and historical records to locate, map and timber type map 3,687 acres located in adjacent North Carolina counties. Supervised the surveying and boundary line agreements with 36 adjacent land owners. Harvested timber as needed for Estate expenses and taxes.

1988-89 :: Wachovia Bank & Trust Company, N.A.

Inventory and appraisal of 3,995 acres of privately owned timber in North Carolina. All land was mapped by timber type and inventoried and appraised with a total timber value in excess of 1.6 million dollars.

1988 :: Privately owned timber sale

The harvesting of 410 acres of old growth timber in North Carolina. High quality trees throughout the property were chosen as seed trees, marked and omitted from the timber sale. The total sale area was divided into three units with bidders given the option of bidding on the individual units or the total area. Splitting the total sale into three units increased the sale price by an additional $25,000 to a total sale price exceeding $540,000.

1985-86 :: Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

Appraisal of privately owned landscape and forest trees projecting into the navigable airspace of runway 5L - 23R (New runway). The appraised value and the total out of court settlement with over 10 individual landowners differed by less than 3%.