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Did you know that money grows on trees?

Okay, not literally — but forestland can be a potent and reliable source of income. Over 60% of North Carolina is covered in forests, and more than 60% of that land is owned by private individual landowners like you. Since 1983, Rawlings Consulting Forestry PLLC has helped hundreds of these landowners make millions of dollars from timber sales, pine straw production, and recreational activities on their forested property. If you're ready to make the most of your forest, contact us today for a free, no-obligation review of your timberland.

The forester standing on the banks of the Neuse River in southern Johnston County

So what is Forestry?

Forestry is the artful science of manipulating the forest ecosystem for the obtainment of client-specific desires, goals, and objectives. Just as a forest is more than the sum of its individual trees, forestry deals with not only the trees, but also the air and water that flow through the forest, the wildlife that live in it, the diseases that can affect it, and the people that come to enjoy it. Though some may equate forest management with the sale and harvesting of timber, forestry actually serves a wide variety of objectives such as:

Do I need a Forester?

Do you own forestland? If so, you need a forester! A forestry consultant works for you, the landowner — not a timber company or government agency — and provides customized expert advice to help you grow your trees bigger, faster, and better. But don't take our word for it… see what the experts have to say:

More than 60 percent of North Carolina is forested, but much of this valuable resource is not actively managed. Properly managed forests can generate extra money from the sale of timber products; improve wildlife habitat, aesthetics, recreation, and water quality; and increase land value. By seeking the assistance of a professional forester, you can maximize the return on your forestlands.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service First… See a Forester

A study by Dr. Fred Cubbage while at the University of Georgia indicated that professional help can be valuable. Landowners who received professional forestry assistance before harvesting timber averaged 23 percent more income per acre, received a price per board foot that was 64 percent higher, and had a projected income stream from future sales 120 percent higher as a result of improved regeneration and stocking.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Before You Sell Your Timber

Professional forestry assistance in planning timber harvests, site preparation, and other site-disturbing forestry activities is even more important now than in the past.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Maintaining the Forestry Exemption Under the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act

It is risky to sell timber without having a good idea of its value and the current market conditions. Do what the pros do — sell your timber using a registered forester! Selling timber is like trading stocks and bonds. Seek sound professional advice and assistance to know when and how to sell.

You would never sell bonds before they mature or sell stocks when the market is down. In the same way, selling timber requires an understanding of the markets and of the quality and quantities of your timber. Professional foresters have a proven record of generating greater returns for your present and future forest.

North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Selling Your Timber? Don't Make an Uninformed Decision!

A landowner’s first step towards success is to contact a professional forester. Academically trained in the management of forests, a professional registered forester provides guidance that ensures that the forest is managed for the desired objectives and goals of the landowner and provides a safeguard against improper practices.

South Carolina Sustainable Forestry Initiative A Landowner’s Guide to Forestry in South Carolina

Forestland owners can benefit greatly by using professional forestry assistance.

North Carolina Forest Service Call Before You Cut

Why choose Rawlings Consulting Forestry?

Bradley J. Rawlings has practiced forestry for over 36 years. He is a registered forester in the state of North Carolina, certified by the Society of American Foresters, and is a proud member of the Association of Consulting Foresters. He adheres to a strict code of ethics set forth by that organization and complies with all best management practices defined by the North Carolina Forest Service. However, the best proof of Brad’s expertise, experience, and integrity comes from his clients:

We cannot adequately express our gratitude for the rescue of hope, right-on-the-money guidance and the seamless execution of our project as provided by Mr. Brad Rawlings. After several attempts to have a consultant view our property, we were told by each that the amount of acreage, 6–10 acres, wasn’t enough for them to bother and the best thing we could do was to push over and burn the trees instead of trying to harvest and sell them. Fortunately, another attempt at reaching a consultant, we found Mr. Rawlings. Within a week he had cruised our property, did some background work, and was able to assure us that our trees were not only valuable, but could possibly bring enough revenue to nearly reimburse us the purchase price of the property; in addition he felt it worth his time and energy to act as our liaison in the matter.

We found Mr. Rawlings to be very thorough in his processes and kept us informed at each step. In addition, we found him to be professional, informative, genuine and quite pleasant to work with, not to mention well-versed in ‘all things trees and land use’. His assessment of our property’s worth was right on the money! Literally! We have heralded his praises to all who would hear, as well as referred him to others in situations as ours. Without hesitation, we recommend Mr. Rawlings’ services for your projects, great or small.

Richard and Tammy Fayetteville, NC

We wish to highly recommend the services of Brad Rawlings. Our family recently used the services of Brad in the sale of some trees. We received a price for these trees that we had no idea was available. The sale was handled very smoothly and honestly. If we need the services of a forester in the future, we will certainly call Brad Rawlings.

J. W. Greensboro, NC

Brad recently conducted a timber sale for me and I was very pleased with the effort that he put into the job. His estimate on what the timber would bring was right on the money and all the business was conducted in a professional manner.

I found Brad to be very friendly and a diligent worker. But, most important he is very knowable about his work and his experience definitely shows. I was very pleased with the sell of timber he did for me.

Ivey Selma, NC

Brad Rawlings has been my forester for about 20 years. He has assisted me in selling timber on a 57 acre tract in Upper Little River Township, replanting it about 18 years ago, and in thinning it about two years ago. On a 100 acre tract in Barbecue Township he handled a timber sale about twelve years ago and the reseeding. After selling the tobacco allotment on the 100 acre tract about two years ago, I sought and will [take] Brad's advice with regard to seeding the remaining 18 acres of cleared land. I have been very pleased with both the financial terms of the timber contracts that he handled and with the recommended environmental provisions for the timber deeds. His consulting services are outstanding.

Ed Lillington, NC

I have known and worked with Brad Rawlings since the 1980's and have found him to be highly competent in his field, thorough, and willing to work with lay people like me to achieve optimum results in forestry matters from sales to replanting to management issues.

Brad has always listened to what I have told him I wanted to accomplish and then offered me multiple options to achieve my goals. In addition, he has consistently pointed out aspects of each transaction that I should consider but had not thought about or did not know existed. The advantage of working with someone of his ability and competency has been reflected time and time again in the prices he has been able to get on my behalf and the forestry programs he has accessed. Routinely, I have felt that his work was thoroughly prepared after materials were meticulously researched and analyzed. His detailed periodic reports to me were invaluable in understanding the process and learning about forestry.

Also, Brad made himself available to explain forestry options and to answer any questions I had. He was as close as a cell phone call, an 800 number call or an e-mail away. His prompt responses were yet another indication of his interest and concern for efficiency and thoroughness. As a result of his success in handling matters, I plan to continue to work with him because I believe he has been highly effective in the handling of forestry matters related to me.

Margaret Cumberland County, NC